Stop buying shitcoins, with BitCouille you bet on the bright future of french crypto!

What's BitCouille Token?

BTCO is a BEP20 Token issued on the Binance smart chain , ready to conquer the world,there is only 21 millions of them and not more.

On each transactions there is a 12% transactions fee to reward the community.
1% go back to the marketing.
11% back to the holders and make them happy.


Total supply


locked for developpement


fees rewards for the community

How to buy BTCO ?

  1. Just click to this pancakeswap link PancakeSwap
  2. Connect to the Binance Smart Chain and add some BNB to your wallet
  3. Swap thos bnb to buy BTCO
  4. One purchased, you automaticly receive your Bitcouille into your wallet, so welcome to this new economy community

On Smartphone

  1. Download Trustwallet
  2. Follow these steps to create your account, transfer or buy some BNB on the Smart Chain
  3. click here to add the navigator on your app
  4. From the navigator just write
  5. On pancakeswap click Unlock Wallet and choose Trustwallet
  6. You can now choose the amount and BTCO you want to buy!

Display my BTCO on TrustWallet

  1. Click on this icon
  2. Scroll down the listing, yeah i know that's boring, and click on Add custom token
  3. Network Smart Chain
  4. Contract adress : 0x6d80Bfe98BE88D2BF8e47d260ac41a33A9e50bea
  5. Name BitCouille, symbol BTCO and decimals 2

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you always need a goal? most of the shitcoins out there try so hard to hide how much they are not useless, with BitCouille you sure tu buy a coin with a bright future. Don't get aped in scams, get in a beautiful community with lot of fun. We will deploy features as the community grows.

  • the price follow it's evolution in function of the volume (buy/sell). He is probably going to 10 cent or even thousand dollars when he will meet Elon Musk on the road or even better on the moon. So take your chance quick en investo in BitCouille. Keep in mind that is a BSC token, all your investment are highly risky.

  • How many Bitcouille has the creator?

    Not gonna lie, i try to cover my back and my family and stop selling drugs.. so i'll get 1 millions on the total suplly wich is 21 millions. I'll use them for further developement and my Hurucan.